Salutations my fellow plant aficionado’s!

My name is Alex and I am a 5th year biology student pursuing a BA degree with a minor in history. Post-graduation I hope to be involved in the medical field, primarily within the area of occupational therapy.

I have always believed our natural world to be fascinating, inspiring, and worth preserving for future generations. As such I am an avid hiker and backpacker! There are few moments as enjoyable as trekking through the wilderness. Some of the more notable places I have hiked include: Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, Dolly Sods, as well as Red Rock and Zion. I hope to one day attempt the Appalachian Trail.

My coat of arms represents a great deal of my personality! The bottom left shows where I’m from. I grew up in the small town of Farmersville on Chickenbristle Rd. (Possibly one of the best road names ever). The top left details one of my hobbies. Although I love to be out in nature, I drew a guitar to show one of my other passions being music. I have been playing guitar for almost 13 years, but I have learned how to play other instruments during that time as well. The drums and bass are incredibly entertaining to play, as well as my banjo and mandolin! Finally, my quote is one that my drama teacher always said, and it stuck with me. To sum it up, if nothing is getting done, it is up to you to see it through!