Hi. My name is Kayla, and…

I am a Forestry Fisheries and Wildlife major in the School of Environment and Natural Resources. My specialization is in Forestry and Wildlife. I plan to graduate in the Fall of 2022. Once I graduate I hope to be working primarily outdoors assessing ecosystems and the organisms within them.

One thing I should note is I am a nature photographer on the side, so you will almost always catch me taking photos of birds, plants, spiders, insects, and other wildlife that I am lucky enough to encounter. As a matter, of fact, my header for this website is a photo I took myself over the summer while I was working for Ross County Metroparks.

As far as plants go, I absolutely love learning about trees. I am always trying to practice my tree id skills whenever I have the chance.

My least favorite plant is honeysuckle. As I previously mentioned, I was lucky enough to work for the Ross Country Metroparks as part of their trail crew this past summer. One of our duties was honeysuckle removal and nothing made me happier than cutting their branches and digging up their roots.